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Facts about TS EPASS one must know
There are various natures of scholarships which are declared by The Government of Telangana. Students who are eligible can have such scholarships which will enable them to overcome the financial hardships which they face to pursue their studies.

Nature of scholarships which can be availed

There are basically two types of scholarships declared by the government. They are:
RTF: Reimbursement of Tuition Fee in full for students pursuing post matric courses conducted by approved universities and boards. It is sanctioned in the months of September and March each year.
MTF: Maintenance charges or Mess charges are sanctioned every month.
Facts that students must be aware of
There are various other facts that students must be aware of. Let us see those.
The amount of reimbursement:
The amount of reimbursement depends on the course that is studied. In most courses, 100% of the tuition fee is reimbursed. If the courses are self-financed then a maximum of Rs. 20000 is given or the entire college fee whichever is less.

How to get the scholarship: 

Not all students are eligible to have these scholarships. There are certain steps followed to provide the scholarships. They are: 
Having an admission to a college
Applying online for a scholarship through the concerned welfare department.
Verification is done by the college principal
Verification is done by the Verification officer
Scrutiny is done by the Welfare Officer
Sanction of the scholarship
Submission of the bill online to the treasury
Sanction of the bill and upload of amounts into a student (MTF) and college (RTF) bank accounts.

The eligibility to have such scholarships: 

There are certain eligibility norms as set by the government
Students who fall under SC and ST categories and have parental income less than Rs. 2 lakh are eligible.
Students who fall under BC, EBC, and disabled welfare students and have parental income less than Rs. 1 Lakh are eligible.
Students must have an attendance of 75% at the end of each quarter.
When to register for having the scholarships: There is a definite period of the year when registration can be made. It is generally during the months of September and March. If the period of registration is over then no scholarships will be made available.

The process of application that has to be followed

If students find themselves to be competent for the scholarship then they need to fill up a form for having the scholarship. It can be done with no trouble done by online means. The process that needs to be followed is as below:

  • Log on to the official page of TSePASS. The site address is @
  • As one log in the home page will appear on the computer screen. 
  • One needs to scroll down to the “Student Services” option. 
  • A new page showing all the student services will appear. 
  • One needs to select “Postmatric Scholarships for 2017-18”. 
  • The Application Form will open. 
  • All the details have to be carefully filled. 
  • After submission of the same, a new application form will appear. 
  • It should be carefully filled and submitted. 
  • On the next page, one has to enter the SSC pass type from the options provided. 
  • It will again carry over to the next page and the application will be completed. 
  • There are certain documents that need to be attached with the application form. The documents attached must be genuine as they are verified. If the documents are found to be scrupulous then the application is rejected. 

The various reasons which may lead to rejection of application

There are various reasons which may lead to the rejection of the application made. The reasons may be:
Not being a bonafide student
Not fulfilling the caste and income eligibility
Not submitting certificates of caste and Income
Incorrect course & year of study
Not submitting of hard copy of the application.
Students admitted under management quota
Claiming scholarship for same level courses
These are the main reasons for rejection.
Knowing the status of application 
Students can easily know the status of their application by being on the site https:// and filling in some required data.


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